We had the chance to speak with Eileen Vazquez aka @vzline back when she was self isoltaing in London (now based in Dubai), about her music and future plans.  A little while later, Eileen released her first solo EP, FANTÔME, and recently a new single In The Dark, which you can stream on all platforms.

See her words below:

I’m a music producer and DJ based between London & Dubai. I would describe the music that I make as a mix of garage, grime, hip hop, and jazz, strongly influenced by the UK’s subcultures and creative scenes. 

Most projects I work on don’t follow any specific set of rules, but they rather just happen. I like being spontaneous in that way, things come out much nicer. I have always been a music fanatic since I can remember, and music production is just something that happened to me organically.

The EP Fantôme is a 5-track EP in the form of an auditory journey in chronological order with a mix of retro / shoegaze rock and electronic - dreamy and euphoric as a way of escaping our daily routines and sceneries. The songs are titled “Je Voeux Etre” and “Lucid Dreaming” to express those kind of dreamy visuals and aspects of daydreaming and escapism. “Fantôme” is a metaphor for out of body experience and escaping into your own mind.

My latest single, ‘In the Dark” is a song expressing melancholia in the form of rock and electronic/hip hop/drill. A song about the complexity in romantic relationships and the toxicity of co-dependency. The song has different elements such as the guitar, the piano and particular drum patterns inspired by drill/grime and hip hop.

Social distancing and self-quarantining is something we never knew we needed, until it became crucial. It gives us that time and opportunity to face ourselves, and truly spend more with our own minds, regardless of the ups and downs. It’s also a guilt-free pass to learn and do whatever you’ve always wanted to. But all of this was not a drastic change to my daily life, as I usually work from home, where all my music and studio equipment is. I’ve built and set-up my own little music studio in my flat over time. 

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