In 2017, Katrine founded her own shoe brand, Katrine Hanna. Inspired by fantasy & nature, Hanna takes us on her shoe designing journey and shares her proudest moments as a designer.

See her words below:

In frame: Katrine Hanna

1- Introduce yourself: talk about who you are and what you do!

I’m a Lebanese/Australian Footwear designer based in Dubai. I launched my brand, Katrine Hanna, in 2017.

2- Was footwear & fashion design always something of your interest ?

It was, but it wasn’t my focus. I was focused on fine art, like painting and ceramics. I was into design as products and furniture but didn’t give footwear a thought as a career.

3- When did you know that you wanted work in this field? Who/what inspired you to do so?

During my foundation at Central Saint Martins, I experimented with many fields in art and design. This is where I narrowed down into footwear.

I realised I could combine all my interests into one field and that footwear is the perfect merge of both art and design. My dad encouraged me a lot, he loves shoes and has way more pairs than I do!

4- What are the diffrent steps to creating a piece? Take us through the process!

First of all I draw my ideas on paper and on the last. The last is a form of the foot that the shoe is built on. If needed, I will make a small paper or leather prototype of different design elements, to see how it will look and how I need to further develop my design. Once I have the final idea realised, I send or bring these ideas to the factory in Italy and we discuss it in more detail.

The Bad Banksia Bianca heel.

The Demi heel.

The Tiana heel.

The factory then develops a prototype. I try it on and edit the pattern if needed to get the perfect fit. This is the most important stage of the process. It is then made again into a final sample. Each part of the anatomy of a shoe has its own factory and supplier. For example, the heel, insole, stitching, the leather and it goes on. It’s a very technical process and this is why well made shoes are very valuable.

5-Tell us about the projects (shoots & pieces) you’re most proud of and why.

I’m mostly proud of my Banksia heel. The material is completely new to the market and hasn’t been manipulated in this way before. It is a yellow flower native to Australia; it dries into a pinecone like nut and is then hand cut to reveal a unique pattern.

I’m proud that my factory and heel developer in Italy are the only manufacturers in the world that have learnt to handle and create this heel. It is one of the biggest challenges and accomplishments so far in my career.

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All images shot by Prod Antzoulis & Katrine Hanna.

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