In talks with writer Cristalina Parra, (or Crista for short) about her passion for writing and how she kept busy during the isolating periods. We had the chance to receive personal, handwritten notes from Parra on her daily routines, poems and thoughts all on those pieces of paper. 

See her words below:

I’m a writer. Officially, though, I’m a student. I live in Abu Dhabi, in the NYU campus on Saadiyat Island. I moved here around two years ago from home in Santiago, Chile to study Art History.

I’m still trying to find my voice in academia, I don’t think many people like me have that use yet space and the space we do have is very limited. Although our voice is growing, there aren’t many Latinas in English-speaking Art History.

I’ve been writing poetry and short stories for as long as I can remember. It's sort of a family tradition to take a notebook and a pen everywhere you go. For that I’m grateful. If it was hard to unlearn kissing people when introducing myself or greeting someone when I moved out of Latin America, it's almost impossible not even being able to hug. Soy de piel, which basically means I love touching people when greeting, hugging kissing, whatever. But, we have to learn how to live through it and how to make the best of it.

It’s given me a lot of time for myself - I take so much happiness in the little things, like being able to take my time with my skincare routine and not running late to class. I keep an agenda, I always do. And, now that most of my summer plans got canelled or postponed- like my first book launch - I keep busy finding new things to fill it up with.

More importantly, I keep doing what I love: writing. I take so much comfort in being an artist. We have this beautiful gift, that not everyone has, of creativity. Uncertainty, I think, is a core part of creativity so I believe we can get through this as a creative community. In a way, we are equipped for uncertainty.

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© 2020 Mon Visuel. All Rights Reserved.