We speak to Jane Chuck, founder of Chuck’s, beauty and lifestyle brand. Whilst discussing her brand ethos, we also touched on the effect of the pandemic in the early stages of her brand. 

See her words below:

I am Jane Chuck, the founder of Chuck’s - a beauty and lifestyle brand. Chuck’s is not just about producing great beauty products but also as a medium to spread the importance of well being.

Chuck's isn't just a beauty brand, but a space that provides you with tools that I hope will help you love yourself—and others, just a little more.

I have always had a strong interest within the beauty/ skincare industry, posting my favourite brands on my platform and conversating with my followers on the brands that they prefer too. My belief is that skin comes first, before makeup - that is the main message I’d like to put forward with my brand.

The first product that was launched was the sheet masks - I have always been using and buying sheet masks over the years, mainly in bulk. So nourisihing to the skin and practical too. 

The pandemic was something I really did not see coming. During my isolation period, It felt like a scenario straight out of a movie, almost unreal to believe yet so serious … and very much real. It made me think of the brand’s future and the next steps I should be taking. The earth is restoring while we are at home, I believe some of us found clarity during this moment and set our priorities straight.  

We are constantly brainstorming on new concepts for us to stay on our feet even during times like these. ‘Chuck N Chill TV ‘ was one of our campaigns created during the peak time of the pandemic, where we documented different people at home. 

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